Uranium Finance
Why are we better than others?
Advantages Description.
  • The Highest APY πŸ’°: 1,821,183.05% Fixed APY
  • The Fastest Rebase πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ: Rewarded EVERY 15 MINUTES Gives 2.72% daily (1,821,183.05% APY, 0.028% per block) Other projects give a reward every 15 or 30 minutes or more due to their limitation. People have to wait for the next 15 or 30-minute period to get their next reward before doing something. Our project divides rewards into smaller portions and gives a reward every 15 minutes. You cannot miss or wait for any reward as this is the theoretical maximum speed in BSC by combining with the APY, it gives a higher reward than any other project.
  • Safer πŸ”’: Others use EOA wallets for burns. No one knows whether they have the key to control that wallet or not. They can sell a big amount of tokens or pull a big amount of liquidity ANYTIME. We have consistently pointed out that this is a big security issue. Our burn address is a verifiable contract that has no owner.
  • More stable: We have the same manual buyback as others. But we also have auto-buyback for each sale.
  • More healthy: Others have a big price drop when adding LP. We do not.
  • More Consistent πŸ‘Œ: Unlike others, we have fixed exponential decay of interest rate change each year which means we have a fixed rate for 1 year and changes every year. In the next period, we will justify the interest of the token (after the first year).
  • More Sustainable πŸ’ͺ: Others have price drops while we do not.
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